if it fits, carry on!

I've been on vacation now for a whole 2 hours & 57 minutes. Tomorrow morning I get up at 5, prod my husband out of bed and make my way to the airport. I'm heading back to Toronto for a few glorious days and then onward into the wooded areas with my friend Sam from Ottawa. I love exploring new places in Canada. I've cracked open a new sketchbook and gathered my tiny mobile studio onto my work table to make sure I have everything I need before I pack it. I am so excited for the plane ride tomorrow! Excited to hug people I haven't seen in over a year....and excited to see the lovely reds that autumn brings in the eastern part of Canada. But that's not until tomorrow. That's still HOURS away.

I still have to pack clothes and things. And of course I'm in the studio writing and painting and snapping photos of things with minutes to spare before I head over to the family's house for dinner.


I royally messed up a friends' wedding project. I made for her a guest signing poster instead of a guest book....but walnut ink doesn't lift off of hand pressed paper....or any paper. My first attempt at this was very brown and too busy and not fixable. I have to admit that it made me laugh, it was so awful. I haven't effed up something so completely in a very long time. Thankfully that sheet of paper is thick and has two sides, so it's going to become a practice sheet for me.

This is version #2. Much better!


The guests get to sign this with acrylic paint pens and then my friends can hang it in their house. Such a neat idea, and it wasn't mine!

Oh, and I finished my first knitting project; a hat from the wool I bought while I was in Frome this past July. I don't have a photo for you because the batteries on my camera are now dead. The hat is lovely though! I did a good job. The tension of the stitches are even and look great, the hat fits and looks really great. In fact, I wore it all day and today. I'm cool like that. I'm going to start a cowl or infinity scarf next, I think. I'm excited to be someone who takes knitting with them and can pull it out any ol' time to work on it. I LOVE making things. I even phoned WestJet to be sure they would allow me to bring my knitting in my carry on so I can pass the time. I don't want to be considered a dangerous or suspicious passenger because of the pointy things in my carry on. Painter. Runner. Dog-walker. Knitter. What next?

But I've pushed my luck for time. There is much to do before I leave in the morning. Also, there is pumpkin pie to eat at the in-laws.

Behave yourselves while I'm away. I'll have lovely sketches to show you when I get back.