if summer falls on a saturday...

I totally stole this title from a silly e-card making it's circuit on my Facebook news feed. It's pretty ridiculous, but I'm giggling just the same. It's either roll your eyes and laugh, or cry and be mad. It's snowing here in Edmonton. Again. It's really sunny though, in lovely spurts. The wind has a bite to it. This is the coldest spring I can remember in a long time.

But this is not a post about the weather.


This is the first layer of a new girl-in-the-hymnal-dress piece. Yes, finally. I've been telling myself for over a year now there would be more....but there were so many other fun things to paint. Then commissions. Life and other projects get in the way at times. This one will be called 'louder, i can't hear you!' and will feature the girl and a very noisy magpie.


This is the first layer of the second GITHD piece which will be called 'nothing but blue skies', a piece I got the idea for months ago while looking in a gallery in Toronto while visiting my aunt. The little book I'm holding on top of the second canvas contains thumbnail sketches for these and 2 more ideas on this theme. I finally have a planner. I searched high and low and even tried to order on at The Paint Spot. Nothing. I mean, it's April! Now I have one that fits in my pocket. I don't feel naked anymore. And I won't double book myself. As much.


These are the two graffiti polaroids for the alley way painting I was waffling about earlier. I have one more to paint and then I can attach them to...



...this, which is just a detail of the alley painting. I love when these things turn out better than they started. I will share the new finished pieces soon.

I need to go and put food in my belly, and laundry calls while layers are drying. Stay warm and patient. Spring is coming, it's just taking it's sweet time.