if your gonna spew...

A comment left on my facebook fanpage by a friend of mine who is currently residing in London England is what inspired today's title. "I love the spewing creativity!" she wrote. Haha. Being as mature as I am...I instantly thought of Wayne's World and Garth giving the little crumpled up dixie cup to their over intoxicated friend at the night club. Oh I love being 30. The blog has been quiet lately...it's true, but the studio has been just buzzing. Christmas commissions are coming in like mad. The studio is stocked with canvases....and little notes written on the canvases as to what commission they are for (so I don't get distracted and paint something else on it instead). The tree show I feel like I have been talking about endlessly unfortunately had to be cancelled. Between travel, fighting a dreadful cold and some of the key pieces selling earlier in the summer...there just wasn't enough time to finish enough pieces to fill the space. So I cancelled. It's only the second time in 12 years of painting that I have ever had to do that. There will NOT be a third time...I can tell you that. Unless it's weather related. Or I die. Or I leave the country. Sigh. First world problems, right?

Piles of canvas on the east facing wall of the studio...and the latest poppy painting (at layer #3) drying on the work table on the same wall by the window, just to the right of the canvases that are waiting patiently on the floor. The creativity is certainly spewing forth!

It's nice to see it doing the same thing in the lives of some of my friends too! Today in the cafe I got visited by a few friends, each sharing stories with me about the creative endeavors they are currently taking on. Maybe it's the time of year, but some people I know seem to be coming out of these shells and just bursting forth with new excitement, ideas and inspiration. Invincible internal summer!

Bring on the winter with it's chilly blanket of quiet whiteness. We'll hunker down and get creative. What's the point in lamenting summer's passing when winter comes with it's own comforts, gifts and lovely projects?