Imagination: 1, spinach dip: 0 and going into overtime...

self titled so far...just pen on paper

Today was one of those days that no matter how hard I tried when I got home from work...the get-up-and-go was neither getting up OR going. I had a cool evening planned with a short road trip for some spinach dip and beers with a really good friend at my favorite hang out in Red Deer....but fog and fatigue are not a good combination on the highway. Oh well.

I didn't even have the energy to finish my postcard, but in the back of my mind I know I don't have anywhere to be tomorrow until if I get a good nights sleep, I can spend all morning in the studio. Eeeep! It's like Christmas!!

I think the world is lacking in imagination sometimes. We get so busy trying to figure out how everything works, that we take all the mystery and fun out of it. We've become really skeptical, really plot driven, rather than simply enjoying the story, or the image....we ask "why" and then proceed to smoosh out the I-don't-knows of it and put it in one of our labeled boxes, or just slough it off and not think about it. If we aren't comfortable with it, or it doesn't make sense to us....we either have to find out the reason, and if we can' must be wrong, or simply isn't possible. That's one of the reasons I really miss teaching kids. Horns growing out of random animals, skies that are green, pirate ships with ninjas...they just pile all their favorites together and voila. And when you ask them why... ....because they MADE it that way. That's why. And that is just the way it goes.

I really dig the far fetched. My favorite movies as a kid were; Return to Oz, Labrynth, BBC series of the Chronicles of Narnia, Mannequin....and that is all I can remember titles for at the moment. But these adventures were far-fetched and, if you really thought about it, made no plausible sense....but they were full of wonder and mystery.

I was thinking about this today while listening to a stellar Canadian indy group called "the Acorn". The have 2 super-fantastic videos on youtube. One for the song "the flood: part 1" and another for "crooked legs". Both are filled with fantastical imagery and imagination. It's a good mix of the real and what would be really cool if it WERE real. One of the lines from their song "crooked legs" is where I got the postcard idea from. How neat would that be to be guided through a dark nite by fireflies? It's a very cozy thought....I think. I'm sure the little kid me would agree....and I'm sure if you found your little kid you...they would agree too.

I hope this fills your head with silly kid like thoughts...and highly-unlikely adventures.