important intersection ahead

"Proceed to the route."

I think I drive Siri crazy sometimes. Today was the best Monday. I loaded the car with 22 new paintings and drove the 21 all the way down to Rosebud, all the while listening to The Weather Station on random and repeat.

I want nothing more this summer than to meander along the older highways of this province, passing through small towns while listening to The Weather Station. Is that too much to ask? Thanks Joel for introducing me to her lovely music!

I met Valerie at the Akokiniskway Gallery, in the old church in Rosebud. We chatted about our work and summer plans as she went up and down the ladder and I directed 'too high', 'too low', 'perfect!', 'down on the left' or 'up a bit on the right'. Then she fed me a light lunch and sent me on my way with a hug, some cookies and a fresh coffee for the road. (Valerie is a wonderful painter and hung some of her pieces in the tiny stage alcove of the church.)

On the way home I spotted the sign for 'Dry Island Buffalo Jump'. I figured I should take it, especially since I had never been. I came across Bert and Bella and their Jack Russell, Boo (so named for the ghost-face pattern on his little back. Can you see it?), a couple from St. Albert who were painting on the hill top. I was so envious. The light was amazing and the breeze was quite calm, which is surprising for that area. The pictures don't do it justice. Such a lovely valley! I'm so glad I took that turn.

There were a few other turns I wanted to take, but I open the cafe tomorrow and I was getting tired and hungry. Oh, those secondary highways. So many things to see! Every time you get to a junction where on secondary highway crosses another, there is a large yellow diamond announcing 'important intersection ahead'. I love it. All the intersections are important. Who knows what could happen. Stay on course or take a scenic detour? I'm all for the scenic detour, especially when there is time and epic lighting and film in my camera.

It was the best Monday. Did I mention that already?