in between

I had a very interesting experience today in the land of car repair. Little car got all spruced up in the shop yesterday just in time for a road trip to Canmore in a week. On the way home it felt a bit like little car was idling high, and indeed it was, but I figured it might be because of the things done to it....until I drove it this morning. No, something was for sure up....especially when little car began propelling itself up a small alley way hill. THAT was bizarre. Anyhow, it's totally fixed. Silly throttle cable. Today I've covered the last of the recycled canvas. I've been living with 3 paintings in the studio that I am now officially tired of looking at. A little bit of sanding....and nice coat of red oxide to cover it up and presto! Three new canvases to work on. I have no firm idea what's going on any of them yet. So while I was waiting in between drying coats of paint, I did this in my watercolor sketchbook.


It's guaranteed if you sit around here long enough you either get painted (not on, but maybe by accident!) or painted over. Guests included.