in between things

I've been lax in my writing. In truth, I am a bit run down. I've been keeping a good and steady pace, but the time has come again for daily afternoon naps, and extra yoga. Still, I'm proud of myself. I am better organized this summer than last. I've said no to a few opportunities to display work so that I still have time to read and knit and go running, unlike last year. It was cafe, paint, house duties and that's about it between shows. I was a bit of an exhausted bear. This year so far is much better. The countdown to east coast adventures is now at 26 days and I'm guessing my body is trying to get into vacation mode early.

Last week I completed a trade with the lovely and talented Linda Cote, a print maker from Canmore who I've been following on Instagram for a while now. The joy that exudes from her posts about her work, where she lives, and her family is just infectious. Just the sort of artist I gravitate toward trading with. Oh, the unexpected things that come from simply asking. We traded bird for bird. She received this little guy from me in the mail earlier in the week. She has sons and most sons wear hoodies, so that's why I put the bluejay in a hoodie.

bluejay in a hoodie, mixed media on birch panel, 8x8(in)

bluejay in a hoodie, mixed media on birch panel, 8x8(in)

Linda and I haven't met in person yet. Our interactions and admiration have been communicated via social media and texting only. I will remedy that this summer. I really want to hug this beautiful lady in person. Her work is lovely. You should have a look. If you have Instagram, she posts many photos that will make you sad that YOU don't live in Canmore. Her Instagram handle is @mountainartgirl. She is so worth following!

Then this guy sold this week. I get the silliest grin when I see this painting, not because I painted it, but because of the photo behind this painting. My husband Jason (or the Bearded Dude, or BD for short as he is known now forever in our circle of friends) has the most delightful smile. It lights up his entire face. He has this wonderful, deep, belly laugh you can hear from a block away (I'm not even kidding, it's so loud!), but his stoic, serious face is just....stone-like. And when he has sunglasses on and you can't see his eyes? He seriously looks like he is gonna punch some kittens or something. It's a bit unnerving. He laughs when I tell people this, but it's true. Below is a photo I took of him when we were in Mexico in February:

See? Doesn't he look thrilled that I asked him to try on the sombrero and then ask him to leave it on so I could get a picture? Am I not the best wife ever?!

Between the expression on his face and his deep admiration for Winston Churchill, I was inspired to paint this:

olé!, mixed media on canvas, 9x12(in)

olé!, mixed media on canvas, 9x12(in)

This piece sold to one of my cafe regulars earlier this week. Him and his wife have 2 bulldogs of their own and they fell in love with this piece back when I told them I was just sketching it out. They snapped it up when they saw the finished painted version. It barely made it into public viewing. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Saturday I also hosted my first ever house concert. I had a lot of fun hosting and sharing the music of a musician whose music I really like. It was an added bonus that I happened to create the art work for the newest album for this musician. Karyn Ellis is a wonderful performer! I love her voice and the stories her songs tell. It was a great little show and good times were had by all that attended.

And now, back to getting ready for outdoor summer art shows...and to walk some dogs and eat some tacos.

Sorry for such a long post and such a long time between posts. Thank you very much for reading!