In it's the little things

"Living Library" book cover series: therapy dog trainer mixed media on canvas 11" x 14"

If you frequent this blog at all you are probably wondering if I ever have a 'bad' creative day....just beyond painting over something I don't like. I do have bad creative days. Days where I dislike everything I put on paper or canvas....or I have severe doubts about it, and leave it to do something else....and the thought of it gnaws at the back of my head and just won't rest. I've had a string of these days for about the past 3 days to be exact. It's a mixture of fatigue and doubt and irritability not really due to any one thing. Sometimes I find I set unrealistic goals for myself because I get so used to getting so much done in such a short amount of time. Lately I haven't been enjoying the actual ACT of's just been something I've been DOING. Well, boo to that I say. Today was a much better day. I napped mostly, put on a few coats of self-leveling gel onto a commission, and took a picture of this book cover that I finished that I was feeling very unsure about. That was it! No paintings finished, no new ones started....just those few things, some skipping (and broke my rope!), a nice dog walk  and some yoga. Today....that was good enough! I'm sure glad I didn't paint over this book cover. Now that it's posted....I really like it. I was very disheartened by it last night, but I think I was just over-tired and staring at it too long. (Seriously, how could I NOT like it? It has a golden retriever in it!)

I try to encourage people to sketch....even if it's just for a few minutes a day. Or just SIT in their studio space and plan out a piece. Look at some photos or art books you haven't looked at in a while. Just get THINKING about making stuff....or just start something. It at least gets the creative side of your brain firing up. I got so focused on what I was GOING to do that I lost the joy in what I was doing....but no worries! I found it again today. I kept it simple, I didn't over think it and all I did was take a photo, post it, and apply some self-leveling gel.

Yup...the joy is in the little things.