in passing

I've often called out a drink I have just finished making into a quiet cafe with 3 patrons and one other co-worker and been completely ignored. Everyone is staring at their phone. It makes me think the zombie apocalypse is already here. I'm guilty of this too. I get posting stuff or commenting on stuff I've posted, or that friends or people I follow have posted...and WHOOSH! There goes an hour. I've tried imposing rules on myself like no updating or checking my phone while in the studio. Frankly, that's a lame rule for me because one of my favorite things is showing what I'm working on or what state my work table is in. I do my best to curb my technology 'twitch' as it were. It's hard though, it's my watch, it's my email, it's my life line to the BD whose schedule is crazy and he hates talking on the phone. But you can miss so much staring at that damn phone. That's kind of what inspired this piece:

south park on whyte, mixed media on canvas, 36x36(in), $1620

south park on whyte, mixed media on canvas, 36x36(in), $1620

I don't live on Whyte Ave, but it is an area I frequent. I love this sign. They really don't make them like this anymore. Coming home from the art store one day and sitting in traffic, I saw the top of this sign over the bare winter trees. I have no idea what it was; the light, the fact that I didn't like the song on the radio so I was paying more attention to my surroundings, or maybe that the driver in front of me seemed to have so erratic tendencies and so I made sure I was paying special attention up front to make sure I didn't suffer from their erratic tendencies....but I saw this sign that I've seen countless times, but it was different. I really noticed it, and decided I needed to get a good photo of it so I could paint it.

Had I been sitting in traffic, staring at my crotch pretending NOT to be a distracted driver, I may not have gotten that a-HA moment that comes before I decide to paint something.

I'm hooked now. I'm looking at everything and working on a series of Edmonton pieces. I definitely want to paint pictures of the old signage (and visit the new neon sign museum!!) and pictures of my favorite old buildings as well.

So, there's that. And Edmonton is lovely and I haven't painted it enough. Amiright?