In your neighborhood

"stationary wagon" acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20" $320

Before I left Red Deer I got to do something I really wanted to. I got to live in the Waskasoo area again. I had lived there as a kid, and loved it. Close to the bike trails, quiet, lots of big old trees. I used to run through there later on and think; "I really want to live in this neighborhood again before I leave Red Deer. I got to live there again for about a year....then I met someone and moved away. This is not a sad story though. I took advantage of being close to the trails, all the trees and lovely spaces there...and thoroughly enjoyed them! I even took photos, and this painitng is from one of them. I'll even give you directions on where to find this cool old station wagon.

If you are at the corner store on the corner of 55th street and 45 ave, and you continue on 45th ave (going south), you come into I believe the Woodlea area of Red Deer. It's densely treed with some type of gnarly spruce....and somewhere along that road, you will see this lovely station wagon parked out front.

The only way I think it could be any if it had wood paneling! I'm not kidding.

I've posted the one-a-days in the gallery now...if you want to peruse them for any reason....and I've also created a new section called "2010 works" which is where all the paintings from this year will go. I'm curious to see how many I end up painting.

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