inaudible melodies (or...what the heck is IN this tea?)

(For some reason, this blog post has a Stuart Mclean voice over to it. In my head. Not for real. It's making me question what the 'cream' part actually is in this cup of earl grey cream tea I'm drinking. Either that, or I have O.D.'ed on Vinyl Cafe podcasts. I apologize in advance for the SM overtones that appear.) Studio time this morning was very productive. I made really good headway on the portrait commission I'm working on, put another layer on another commission and started adding color to the first of the Quebec City paintings. If I scan through my digital archive of acrylic paintings or watercolors, I can tell when I got a new color, or saw a painting that inspired new colors in my palette. There is no gradual fade. All of a sudden there are a smattering of paintings using some awesome new red, or muted green mixed with other colors that I always go back to. I try to challenge myself by trying new colors and glancing at my color wheel to get new palette ideas. But just go with what you know. And if you enjoy it, well....why 'fix' it if it's not broken?

I was just excited to finally have a bit of time to work on this new painting. I was half listening to the Vinyl Cafe podcast, and rummaging through my paint box and dabbing bits of color onto my palette and applying it to the canvas with my knife. After a few minutes I took another look at the portrait commission, and decided it could use another layer of gel. So I gave it one. Then as I turned back to my Quebec painting, I noticed an entire palette I had never used before sitting on the canvas. Completely unintentional. And it's great! So I dipped my fingers into the mixes to record what I did in my idea book:

It was like spring cleaning for my paint box! And this is how this palette is looking on the actual painting:

Of course, this is not finished yet. There is ink and more shadows to add....and many, many power lines. I'm pretty stoked about it. It will be going up into the Next Act Pub here in Edmonton, along with 2 other new ones, so I can switch out the ones that have sold. Good times.

I'm also stoked that I bought tickets to a new summer festival here in Edmonton called the 'Interstellar Rodeo' which happens in July, and because I bought two tickets....they sent me two free CD's in the mail! Yay mail! Yay free stuff!

And yay for reading in the back yard in the sun while paintings dry! Happy Monday.

(And as Stuart Mclean would long for now.)