inching toward retirement

No no...keep reading! I haven't gotten completely eccentric and decided to retire. It's not MY retirement I am contemplating. It is a friend of mine who's retirement I am contemplating.'s a brush. But not just any brush. This brush has been in use since I was in grade all the way back in '94. I'm pretty sure this is the same brush I painted my very first watercolor with, which was purchased by my grade 9 art teacher and still hangs in his home (last I heard). It's the brush I use to outline paintings and sign them. The bristles are getting a bit frayed at the end....and there is a build up of paint in the belly  of the brushes from years of use, causing the bristles to spread a bit more than they should. Slowly I'm noticing it's harder to use this brush for bits of tiny detail. I accidentally forgot it in a jar of water years ago when I was painting Christmas cards, so the bristles curve a bit near the end. It's well used and well loved....mixed in with a lot of nostalgia. 'Tis the season for nostalgia, right?

In other exciting news...I got interviewed on live radio this week. Via phone. On a show that runs out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. For some reason, the link off the site for the Dec 19th show isn't loading on my I can't share the link with you on here. The link IS however posted and working on my fanpage. It's just a few posts down. I'll check back tomorrow and see if the live link is working, then I will post here to my blog and twitter feed.

Oh, and here is a painting I finished today. First one of the Christmas holidays that WASN'T a commission:

It's posted in the gallery on this site (under 2011 works)...and was sold a few minutes after I posted it on the fanpage.

Time for errands and coffee and house cleaning. Happy Wednesday!