(insert happy, contented sigh here)

"living room of the Feisty Librarian" sketchbook journal entry, pen & soft pencil crayon

Right now, I'm enjoying a lovely bottle of winter spice beer, listening to a fabulous gaelic Christmas album (I have no idea who the artists are), sitting at the kitchen table, while another fabulous meal is spreading it's lovely aroma throughout the house. It's also snowing out, in soft gigantic flakes that could take out an eye. My future father-in-law is preparing another gourmet creation out of....something. Yesterday we got to have breakfast with friends we haven't seen since the Winnipeg folk festival in July, and the days before that, we got to enjoy the fabulous hospitality of the Feisty Librarian and her super-fantastic boyfriend. So far, it's been a very Happy Christmas indeed.

Since I'm on the road, and my acrylics are....well, not, I am armed with my watercolors, sketchbook, pencils and a few pencil crayons. It's nice to dabble with these again...and catch the holiday moments as they happen. It's also nice to work with some different medium...stuff I don't use too often when I have the entire contents of my studio at hand. So, there it is, a quiet moment in the company of marvelous friends translated onto the pages of my slightly neglected sketchbook.

I hope you are taking time to do something during the holidays that you don't normally take time to do, but still enjoy immensely. Happy longest night of the year...the days get longer from here on in!