I went to a new hairdresser today. Not because I didn't like the one I'd been using, it's just good to try new things. It's a bit daunting with me and hairdressers I have a head covered in curly insanity and it gets worse as I get older. I don't hate my hair. It is insane though, so it's good to find someone that understands if you cut of an inch, I'll lose 3. A trim when asked for is just that. A trim. A millimeter off the ends! Anyhow, the new guy was really nice, but he looked familiar. I'm not sure why and I asked him if he went to Red Deer College and he had, but before I did and he took a different program. We mused about it while he cut my hair. A play maybe? Could be. We knew the same teachers. The conversation turned to things we were doing now in our lives and I told him how I started painting after I ran out of money to finish my 2 year program.....then he got quiet and his eyes went wide.

"Did you draw me nude? I modeled for some drawing classes....I needed the beer money."

I laughed and assured him that wasn't it. I wasn't in the art program, and have never participated in a life drawing class. Then or now. He looked relieved and we both chuckled.

In hindsight I should have exclaimed: that's IT! I didn't recognize you with clothes on!

I just about got into trouble one time using a similar line on a male friend in front of his girlfriend....only it was 'hey, I almost didn't recognize you without your pants on' because up until that awkward moment I had never seen him in shorts and both his legs are covered in tattoos. I was so busy staring at his legs when they approached, that I barely made eye contact and just about missed the hello!

Now I'm safe in the studio with only the interwebs and dogs to interact with. Still no phone. Only me and my paints and this:


This is the High Level Bridge painting so far. It's coming along pretty well I think. There was a lot of tape on it a minute ago to help out with some of the angles. It should be done this week. I think I need to paint a second smaller black and white, or sepia tones. We'll see what happens.

Right now, dinner needs to happen. So says my rumbling belly. I think my awkward interactions are done for today. Hopefully.