Interprovincial roadtrips

"yours truly, Ferryland (letters to Newfoundland)" mixed media on canvas, 9" x 12" $135

I write this to you from the comfy wing-back chair by the fireplace of my in-laws house in Lethbridge. The roads were clear, the weather fine and the drive uneventful...but man was little car packed to bursting! Between us, Gershwin, paintings to deliver, art supplies, Christmas presents, small canvases to paint on know, clothes....the black hatchback (referred to as little car) was very full indeed. But we made it, like we always do. Hooray little car!

This morning in preparation for the journey, I got up early....and painted. Yup. Hadn't packed yet, got up, made tea and toast and finished the third letter in the series.  I don't normally get up and finish a little painting before we head out of town, but I had the time and I really wanted to get it onto canvas. It's another picture from Ferryland, NL and if I remember correctly it was very close to the archeology site they are digging up. I love painting wooden boats or canoes (I'm not sure what the exact name for the vessel is that is shown in the painting), and the low gold light from the early fall evening made the shadows and highlights so rich. Ferryland is on my list of places to go back to and explore more....especially that lighthouse at the end of the narrow gravely road that wends it's way out along the peninsula....

I bet Ferryland is looking so lovely right now....especially at night with the low light pollution, snow on the ground and stars twinkling. Christmas in Newfoundland? day.....only if I can bring Gabriel and Gershwin with me too!