is it tuesday yet?

Clearly not...or I wouldn't be sitting in the cafe at 8:30 at night updating my blog when I open said cafe at 7:30am tomorrow morning. Telus sucks.

This week has been a fairly good week. Sold two paintings and saw where one of the paintings will be housed...right on the main wall of the dining room of the new owner. This has happened a few times now...being asked to deliver a painting to someone's house, only to be invited in for a visit and see the very wall where it will be enjoyed. They always look so different in someone elses' home. I'm not really sure what it is. It's the same painting, but somehow in the context of foreign surroundings, it makes it easier to look at something I painted a little more objectively. Sometimes wow! I painted that....or man, that DOES look good beside that other weird art piece they have hanging. Or sometimes a bit critically which in turn just gives me ideas to improve upon for the next piece.

After working at the cafe and tiring out the dogs (they are not multiplying....I WISH. I just happen to be dog sitting for a friend) with round #1 of backyard frisbee (out of three, AND a walk) I did a little work in the studio. Yep, that actually happened. I was having second thoughts about this painting I'm working on. It's kind of inspired by the end of my engagement and the subsequent flash reorganizing of certain aspects of my life and immediate future. I got the idea on a walk one night with Gershwin.

This is just a fast sketch of it done in ball point pen in my raggedy "the great book of art" otherwise known as my idea book that I dropped in the bath tub while I was writing in it one time. (only book I have EVER dropped in the tub....I swear!) I've refined the idea a bit in my head. For instance, the viewer is going to be looking down at the girl and the birds will be closer to the viewer and a bit blurry (because of their closer range). Instead of saying "now what" it's going to say "as the crow flies". Right now all the canvas has on it is a fabulous watercolor type wash of burnt umber on it. There will be a lot of layers to this painting, and I think I also want the girls dress to be made of news paper or some other patterned paper of some kind. (haven't fully settled on that one yet.) But whatever. I worked in the new studio, and in my head I'm already two canvases and a drawing ahead of myself.

So much for easing back into the creative process.