it comes creeping in

Fall was very evident in the latter part of today. I left the house this morning without a coat. By the time I got home at 2:30, an extra layer was definitely needed. The chilliness called for hearty soup so I've spent a pleasant evening cooking, cleaning, dog walking and now painting. The autumn is making itself well known now. The neighborhoods are so quiet now when I walk the dogs at night. It's not even that cold out, but already evening activities have been moved indoors. There is no faint laughter wafting over fences, no lawn mowers whirring away and not a lot of dog walkers yet. I guess we aren't used to the growing darkness as a whole yet. The day ends earlier in some ways...but it's just as long as it was a few weeks ago. I'm sitting here enjoying my second bottle of pumpkin pie beer. Of the season, NOT the evening. I just finished the outlines of 4 new pieces. Here they are:

I haven't decided on titles for all of them yet. I've been playing with perspective and the use of negative space. I'm treating them kind of like the girl-in-the-hymnal-dress paintings; lots of negative space that still seems full somehow. All of them have umbrellas in them, and really excellent shadows which I'll just paint in with no outline. I'm pacing myself though. This is all for tonight. There's no rush. This is my month of no deadlines for I'm still being kind of slack.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first of the chilly fall nights. I heard on the radio this evening there is a frost warning for Rocky Mountain House this evening. I try not to use too many four letter words outright on here.....but pretty soon I will get to use my favorite;