It just is

I love painting pictures of buildings. I love the perspective of them, I love the varying textures, I love how the light reflects off of them and the interesting reflections you can get of other buildings in the windows of the ones you are standing in front of. I also love neon and painted signs. You don't see a lot of new places with neon signs. Those kinds of signs are becoming a lost art. There are some places where cool neon and painted signs still exist. I found some awesome painted signs in Fort McLeod.

"no vacancies (Fort McLeod, AB)" mixed media on canvas, 14" x 18" $315

I took the picture for this painting, along with many other photos of the American Hotel because....a person always needs reference photos for something. I really liked this cluster of various hotel and motel signs and when I was going through photos the other day looking for good pictures of vintage cars, I came across this one and it begged for mixed media! Gabriel doesn't agree with the title as the American Hotel is abandoned and the Heritage Motel....well, I'm not to sure if it's still open or not. I like the title. It emplies that at one point you could stay here and that there was a reason that the hotel and motel were so close together. Life was busier. More folks were heading into town and needing a place to stay and for whatever reason....that time has passed, and there are no vacancies in these places anymore. They are full of old memories and not much else, but you still can't stay there. You need to move on. That, and hotels either have vacancies or they don't. It's a painting of signs essentially, with a title that relates to the type of business somehow. He thinks there is more to it than that but I think sometimes a title is just a title. It's like liking a painting. You either do, or you don't. Does it really need an explanation?