It's all fun and games until someone draws an eye....and then it's art?

"Well Fed Wolves sketch #2" pen & watercolor on hot pressed paper

I hate when things that work just fine are "fixed" and then don't work at all! The thing to which I am venting about is Facebook and their new look...and the fact I can't load pictures onto my fan page. I'm sighing and shaking my fist in their general direction...

At least THIS site is am I. No blog doesn't mean I'm slacking. Me and my pen drawings sometimes take a bit...especially cross-hatching this background. My oh my that took a loooooong time....but it looks so darn pretty! The imagery wasn't really my idea, it was steered in this direction. They are a neat indy folk-ish (?) band from Halifax. Neat sound, and they are on if you know how to manoeuvre can check them out. Myspace....Well Fed Wolves.

(Attempting try #4 to upload new work onto my FB fan page....more shaking of fists...and some colorful word usage....but on here I shall edit that usage to "argh!!")

And now...back to artifact drawing...and scotch sipping! (Thank you Murray McDavid!)