january second

On New Year's Eve, I took twitter off my smartphone, rendering my phone social media free for the new year. This is not a forever thing. I'm just taking a break and training myself not to check my phone every 5 minutes. It's too fun posting photos from my phone onto twitter in order to share what I'm working on in the studio. Like now. I still haven't added paint to the birch panel I'm working on at the moment. Or the portrait of my newly married friends. But then, the practice of describing them to you in words IS good practice. Currently the 24" x30" birch panel is a pencil drawn winterscape of my backyard, taken a few weeks ago. I've written in the snow on the ground all the things I love about winter, and some random thoughts that are winter related. I think my favorite ones are these:

"if we live here long enough, will we wear down this path with our comings and goings? so many stories have wandered up and down this path. i wish i knew them all."

"we are made in the easy shapes of movement. arms. legs. feet. hands. wrapped warmly for protection from the cold. winter is not for enduring. it's for celebrating."

I tried to write the most random things that immediately came to mind when I looked at the photo I took for this piece. It's just pencil on wood so far. It's requiring a lot of thinking and stopping. A darn good start to the year I think....plodding steadily on instead of being in such a hurry. I haven't sprayed any of the pencil with fixative either, so parts of the drawings have been smudged on the side of my hand as I brush against them to work on another section of the board. It's kind of planned, but not really. But I've found even if I really plan out a painting in my head or with a thumbnail sketch, it rarely turns out like I saw it in my head. But that's not a bad thing.