June came chuggin' outta the yard

Just some things. One, it's JUNE!

(Listen: this song has nothing to do with trains, but it has that 'train sound' to it, and I think everyone needs more Little Miss Higgins in their life. Plus, it's the song that popped into my head as I was finishing up the painting of the train, and it fits well with the theme of this post.)

Nextfest is now happening, and a couple of cafe regulars have mentioned that they saw my work in the paper advertising for it. It's always neat to see my work in different formats.

Last night I got to paint at a private event on the rooftop patio of the Art Gallery of Alberta. It was for Canadian Pacific, a sort of thank-you dinner for some of the community mayors in Western Canada. It was such a beautiful night! A shaded patio with a lovely place setting, a jazz trio playing in the corner and a stellar view of Edmonton in it's early summer glory. The last photo in the series is the finished piece. It's one of the CP trains crossing a trestle bridge somewhere in the Fraser Canyon. There was a number draw near the end of the evening for this painting. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the couple who won it, but the gentleman came up to me while I was packing up my gear and thanked me for 'drawing me something I really like!' He was a grandfatherly figure. I wanted to give him a hug, but didn't. Not all grandfatherly figures want to be hugged by random strangers, I'm sure. Especially younger random strangers donning an apron covered in paint.

I brought my Instax camera with me to the event, and snapped this wonderful photo. The AGA is housed in such a bizarre looking building, but it has enormous walls of windows at the craziest angles, and it's perfect for taking pictures with excessive layers to them. I like how you can see some of the buildings in the distance, the clear June sky with the darker buildings in the foreground creating an interesting frame for it all. This might be an interesting thing to paint, so I am going to tackle that this week.

Tomorrow I'm being interviewed on a local podcast (What It Is Podcast) about the three Roxy paintings and goodness knows what else. Should be fun. What a week! I'm exhausted and giving myself the afternoon off from painting. It's too nice to be inside. The dogs and I are headed out back to enjoy the quiet of the yard and read a bit. Edmonton is teeming with crowds at various events this weekend. It's a bloody jungle traffic wise. I'm avoiding it as much as I can. Thankful for our sweet little flat and the respite it provides from the bustle that is 'festival city'.

Happy Saturday.