just ONE more story....and then bed.

My Christmas postcard project is almost done! I have 6 more to paint and send. Two pressing commissions are well on their way to being finished by the end of this weekend. Spring is a bit constipated and it keeps trying to snow. The lawn has been mowed once. My right arm has been freshly tattooed. And I'm trying to write this post quickly so I can curl up and watch Anne of Green Gables before sleep wins.

So it's May. I have a show on now at the Next Act Pub here in Edmonton that has been extended until the end of June. In July, I am participating in Whyte Ave Artwalk. I'll also have a few pieces for sale in Steeps in the Glenora area in Edmonton. In August I have a solo show at the Transcend cafe on Jasper Ave, and then.....and I just got asked last night.....I'll have 3-4 pieces in a show in Red Deer with 3 other awesome ladies at the Harris-Warke Gallery in Sunworks, downtown Red Deer also in August. Summer is booked.

Recently I was interviewed for an RDC Alumni feature. It's online now if you want to take a look. It was a really fun interview and unfortunately the residency it mentions me applying for, I didn't get. But hey, not the end of the world. It just means more time enjoying my backyard and taking in summer music festivals. It has got me thinking of applying for other things though. Here is the link:


There is also a short video interview. The link is at the bottom of the written interview.

Many great and fun things going on. I'm really excited about my first few paintings from Quebec. Hopefully they will be finished in the next week or so. I do need sleep, however. Sigh. Well, goodnight.