Keep truckin'

"the Highway Man" acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24"

Gosh...almost a whole week since the last post. Wait...not quite, but more days in between than I would have liked. I just started this one last nite and finished it...just now. Gosh I love old trucks. I was having a hard time deciding what to call it. I had suggestions from Gabriel to call it "out to pasture" or "retired" or things to that effect...but I got the poem 'The Highway Man' in my head when I looked at the finished painting. Maybe it's because the truck is facing the highway it used to travel. It's not retired, it's just patiently waiting for the next highway adventure that likely won't come. But what a great view while it waits! New vehicles got nuthin' on the curves and great style of those older vehicles.

The day I took this photo I also took a neat photo of me in it's side view I posted that for you to see too. It was so cold that of those weeks this spring where Southern AB is the coldest place in the province. The wind was brutally cold, and I really wasn't dressed for it...but I had passed this truck to many times and wanted to get a photo, so I figured what the heck. My hands were so red and cold when I got back to the car...I had to sit on them for a bit so they could properly grip the steering wheel. Oh Alberta I love you and your crazy weather.

This painting is now sitting on my easel, and underneath it on the floor, building abstract #4 is laying on it's back with paper on it...ready to be gelled on. I'm not sure if I will get to that today before I leave for work. I hope so. Then it's onto Calgary later, Lethbridge tomorrow, and to the Porcupine Hills by Pincher Creek to bang on my djembe and toast a very happy birthday to our good friend in beautiful, wild surroundings....laptop and cell phone free! However, I shall be fully armed with camera and pencils. I know it's early, but tonite the weekend starts for happy weekend to you!