kevin & gary

Some ideas just pop into your head and settle in, raid your thought fridge and steal all the good snacks, plunk themselves down onto your thought sofa and refuse to budge. If you try to ignore them too long, they start going through your other ideas, winding up in your doodles and keeping you up at night. Hey. Hey, wouldn't it be great if I had colorful mitts on my antlers? Hey. Hey wouldn't it be neat if I had a plaid shirt? Hey, hey, got anymore of that flowery paper that looks like drapes? Hey, hey what are you gonna do with those scrap bits of paper? Hey, hey don't forget us. Hey....

These were those ideas and I have no idea where they came from, but they stuck around and kept pestering me, so I got them onto wood panels.

This is Gary and some of his details. Why yes, he is a Caribou in a puffy down jacket, and those lovely mittens in the top photo are perched on his antlers.

This is Kevin and some of his details. Those are shredded drapes in his tines. Also, he's sporting a Filson inspired vest, because red & black plaid is my favorite!

On the left:

'now that kevin was finally free of muriel, he was also free of her goddam drapes!', mixed media on wood panel, 24x30, $1080 + tax, 2016

And on the right:

'gary was often told he had a nice rack, but not for the usual reasons.', mixed media on wood panel, 24x30, $1080 + tax, 2016

Honestly, one of the reasons I wanted to paint something with a caribou in it, is because I hadn't yet, nor have I painted animals on this size of wood panel before. And their names? Also a random idea. I like when the anthropomorphized pieces have a little story. Maybe I read too much fiction or drink too much coffee. I'm not really sure where ideas like these come from. But I sure enjoy figuring out how to bring them to life. Making up caption titles is also one of my favorite things. Sometimes the captions make the painting, or at least make the painting funnier and a bit easier to understand. Maybe not. My brain works in strange and random ways.

These two are making their way to Under The High Wheel, a great little place to eat on the east side of Whyte Avenue, if you want to meet them in person. I'm excited to have some of my works hanging on their walls for display and purchase. There are closer range photos of them here on the website in the 'available' gallery.

Only four more days until vacation! West coast, here we come!