Kinks and cranks

Oh convenient you can be...and what a pain in the ass you are when you don't work. I have a very short fuse when it comes to things like computers, phones and electronics when they don't work. It's most likely due to the fact that I don't have a logical brain for these sorts of things. I go from 0 to why-the-hell-won't-you-just-work! in nothing flat! Needless to say the transition from my old PC to my new MAC has been great....except for one tiny hitch. I have to learn how to crop, resize and watermark my images so I can post them on this site. There are tutorials for this....and I have been to the Apple store for one....and the very nice young dude showed me a way to achieve the size of pictures I want in a very roundabout way (mostly because he wasn't familiar with the program I bought to do this). Thank goodness for spouses who think like computers. Now everything is back to normal is painting and posting images. Holy freakin' crap. Just work....all the time, dammit!

"building abstract #15: the carriage house mixed media on canvas, 24" x 30" (so far...)

Speaking of is a peek at what is on the easel at this very moment! I had so much fun working on this today. The pine branches have the needles drawn INTO the paint. I did this with my wipeout tool while the paint was still wet. I knifed it on a bit thick and etched it right away. Since I didn't basecoat the canvas with a dark color, the white of the gesso base shows through. I used up my old hymnal on a painting for a friend, but my friend Ron gave me an old ratty copy of "Rod and Gun" from 1918, so that is the background for the carriage house and the bit of the main house that is off to the right in the painting. (It was a REALLY ratty copy of that all you antique book and magazine lovers, please don't get upset!) It still needs some more palette knife work and a lot of inking details...but it should be finished tomorrow night! Eeep! I have such a great time painting these. Check back! When finished I will post the picture and details in the gallery section under '2010 works'.