knowing my left from my right

I am very much a creature of habit. Where I hang out, what my fave eats are at certain hangouts. Who I listen to music wise when I'm in a certain mood, what friends I call when I want to do certain things....and even where I like to walk Gershwin depending on my mood, how long we have to walk and so forth. Today felt like a 'creature habit' day when we were walking. It started out like most walks, heading into the paved alley way in Parkallen...but today I decided we'd explore the neighborhood. So we went right, instead of left at the little 'T' intersection in the alley....and all of a sudden it was like being in a different city! New streets, new houses, new dog bums for Gershwin to sniff! It was a fun walk. It gave me some new ideas for pieces, and perked up the evening routine a bit. It really doesn't take much to get some fresh perspective and/or new inspiration. A simple change of direction from left to right. Neat! (Yes, sometimes I still have difficulty with my left and right. I still make the little 'L' at times. I just about got into severe trouble when row boating on Waterton Lake this summer. I was told to keep the red buoy on my right...but really it was supposed to be the right of the direction my bum was facing, not my my left. Crisis was one went overboard. We both had a good chuckle at my expense...oh, me. Thank goodness I'm cute....right?) I thought when I came home and was ready to work in the studio, that I knew what I wanted to go on the 30" x 40" canvas that was sitting unwrapped and naked on the easel....but after the walk, I changed my mind...and now I love what's going on there EVEN more than I did last night when I loosely decided what should go on there.

There is no photo tonight because the batteries in my camera are dead. I have more out in the car, but to be honest I'm quite comfy on this here burnt orange couch of mine...and really have NO intention of stepping out of my house this evening. For any reason.

Snow is on the way. I can smell it!