Last....but certainly not least

"the moon" acrylic on canvas, 5" x 7" SOLD

"anyway" acrylic on canvas, 5" x 7" $40

And there you have it. The last day of 2009...and what a whirlwind year it was.

I couldn't sleep last nite...I had images of little paintings dancing in my head. Maybe it was the tea...or I woke up too hot...but my mind was reeling, so as soon as I got up this morning I made a latte and set to work getting the little "anyway" painting on canvas so I could stop thinking about it. I painted "the moon" yesterday, after I completed the totem pole and the blog for it. It's fun experimenting with these little images...and playing with paint pens.

The moon is from Montana, when we were in the Sweetgrass Hills. We were up early to go and look at archeology sites, and when I looked up...there was this fabulous clear moon. The little birds are just because I like birds...and it reminded me of absent minded transitions in were going to say something, and then randomly the thought flew away....anyway....

I'm doubtful these are the last 2 paintings of 2009 because as I write this, other ideas are lurking at the back of my head...and our friends don't arrive for a few hours...and frankly I just love painting. This is the last blog of 2009 chat at you next year...meaning tomorrow.

Then you'll have something to read as you nurse your hangover.