Librarians and Expendable Crew Members

"Uh-oh..." pen & acrylic on paper

The last couple of days have been the kind of days where I seem to be eating lucky charms for breakfast. Paintings are selling, people are making encouraging comments about my work, I'm getting uber cool ideas, and I my show at Mandolin Books and Coffee even got a little mention in an e-zine! ( spring come early? The birds are singing like mad, I'm running in capri pants with a few light, jeepers! An artist friend had posted on FB that the birds where she was were singing like mad and she was pretty sure one exploded in a feather bomb of happiness. I woke up this morning with a fabulous image for that in my that will more than likely turn into TOMORROWS postcard.

This one is for the Feisty Librarian...who makes these fabulous felt creatures, (which are available at Prairie Chick in Red Deer!) and has a mad collection of really great picture books. If you don't know any need to change that! These people are hilarious...highly creative...but if befriend them, you WILL need more bookshelves. I kid you not. That, and if you date an archeologist....same will need more bookshelves.

I am NOT saying that librarians are expendable. The little red guy in the postcard is the Feisty Librarians most beloved felt creature, that has gone on adventures with her, such as touring vineyards of the okanagan last summer. His name is "Expendable Crew Member Monkeybutt" and he has siblings that come in a variety of psychoticly bright colors. I thought it would be fun to illustrate some adventures from HIS perspective.

Hooray for putting sending things in the mail!