Life, love and the pursuit of a good bird feeder

"seriously, get a bird feeder!" pen & watercolor on paper

The days are getting noticeably longer...and the sunbeams that flood our living room in the afternoon are threatening my productivity! They threaten to induce me into a sunbeam coma...kind of like Garfield. Beware...the sunbeam and the inevitable nap that accompanies it's presence. Spring is most definitely in the air...I don't know what happened to winter...he's out having a pint...or 10, but he is not around as of late. I just hope he doesn't come back with a terrible vengeance and freeze all the little song birds into bird-sicles. That would be horrible indeed.

After writing yesterdays blog, and going for a mucky run in the evening with my sponge-for-a-dog...I couldn't get that silly chickadee out of my head. (He left for a moment, when some red-neck in a large blue truck aimed RIGHT for the puddle Gershwin and I were standing beside, waiting for the light to change so we could cross the busy street. Nice try, Jackass...maybe your exhaust system should be a little louder! I only heard you accelerating a block away....tosser!) My goal in the next week is to get a bird feeder. We wanted to get one before the snow came...but then there were no birds around really, to remind us. Except for the blue jay that nests in our spruce. Gershwin finds the peanut remains underneath the tree when we are playing frisbee sometimes.

Bird feeder. Right. I'll get on that action.

And then I painted over yesterday's "monkey suit" painting, and have since had several epiphanies over tea about how to go about painting the show. that this is posted, I shall get on THAT action.