listlessness no more

I'm not being very good to myself. I told myself I would work for a tiny bit and then relax and read a book. Go for a run. Have tea on the back porch. The dogs are walked. I want to outline the commission I'm working on and finish the two quilt paintings. And what about my guitar?

What about my sanity.

I really, really want a grilled cheese sandwich and a beer. Also I need some water. And I feel a bit neurotic. Oh, spring.

So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to show you my boar painting which is almost finished;


then I'm going to step away from technology and go for a run in the sunshine. Then I am going to have that grilled cheese sandwich on the back porch while my dogs roll around in their happy way to show their gladness for the better weather. Then I am going to play my guitar; put away my receipts and outline the commission. Then, I will curl up with my book on my couch.

That is my plan of attack for the evening. The quilt paintings will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thank goodness for lists!