little pieces

I finished a painting this morning that I will package up later this, or early tomorrow morning and send it on it's merry way to the Yukon. There are little pieces of me all over Canada these days it seems.  Sorry, that was meant to sound poetic, but actually it sounds kind of gross. Oh God! I've eaten too much shortbread and have exploded into a bloody mess! Send help, and a nice bottle of bourbon!!   

whitehorse in -33, mixed media on canvas, 16x16(in), SOLD, 2016

whitehorse in -33, mixed media on canvas, 16x16(in), SOLD, 2016

The last of this year's commissions went out yesterday, and now it's time to start thinking of my February show at the High Level Diner, and sending some new work to the galleries.

A few things have changed over the past few weeks. One, I got rid of the 'justlittleart' moniker on all my social media fields and it is no longer linked to this site. It was kind of meant as a joke when I first began painting, but nearly 17 years into this, I guess the joke is on me because this is not that little. This website is now solely under, so if you had it bookmarked on your computer and then couldn't find it, you'll need to bookmark it again.

Second, I finally created a gallery for my works on paper here on this site. Once a drawing  or illustration has sold, it will be removed from the gallery so that you don't have to scroll through all of the drawings to find and available one.


Thirdly, a second workshop at the Paint Spot taught by me will be running in February for four Thursday evenings. There are details and a link to register over in the 'exhibits' section of this site. 

I'm relishing in some slow down time. We've baked, watched Christmas movies, taken longer walks and stuffed the freezer full with delicious meals to take out later for those days we fail to plan properly for dinner. It's been glorious. A nice quiet end (so far) to a rather hectic and busy year.

Stay warm, get rested. Happy Sunday.