living with and letting go

Wait! This is not a heart wrenching post about IS in fact about paintings. Don't get your back up. It's a short post. I promise. I'm really bad at keeping my paintings. I paint stuff that I love and then the hopeless romantic in me sells it to someone with a glad story about what the painting reminds them of...and then it's gone. On the advice of one of my good friends who also happens to be an artist, I have been trying to hang onto at least ONE painting if I do a series. But house is only so big and I'm always painting's nice to keep it fresh and see the paintings go to happy homes.

"long shadows on 45 ave, red deer"

acrylic on canvas, 30" x 48"


Today I hung a painting in the cafe that I thought I hadn't shown in public before, but have since remembered I showed it once a few years ago in Red Deer. It's quite a large painting of the street I lived on before moving from Red Deer. I was renting this awesome basement sweet in the Waskasoo area on 45 ave, so the view of this painting is from the front yard of the house, looking down the street to the left. The photo I painted it from was taken in early afternoon in late fall, so there are these incredibly lovely elongated shadows from the trees. The odd shaped objects in the background are people's cars parked on the street. Gosh I miss the trails in Red Deer. I think it's mostly because I knew them so well. I'm slowly discovering Edmonton's river valley trail system, and I must say it's pretty stellar also.

So that is the story behind this rather large painting. If it sells, awesome, and if not....I have a spot in mind for it in the living room of my new place. I'll have to just wait and see and paint.