Long wordy titles and paintable surfaces

"with my heart ticking like a bomb in a bird cage..." mixed media on paper

Sometimes I like it quiet when I'm in the studio....and sometimes I listen to music. There are a lot of bands I like, but I try really hard to favor indie Canadian bands. That's why I love listening to CKUA or CBC radio 2...they play a lot of great Canadiana....and one nite while listening to CBC, I heard this fabulous group called "A fine frenzy" and the song they played had this wonderful line; "...with my heart ticking like a bomb in a bird cage..." and I loved the mental images I got. This is just one of many, and I may revisit the lyric with a different illustration...but for now, this is it.

And now....for painting on shirts. Not to be confused with silk screening...this is BRUSH painting on clothes. I was told about this fabulous medium that magically transforms your acrylic paint into fabric paint.....I kid you not! No wearable fabr surface may be safe in my house if my experiment turns out like I hope it will!

Oh the endless possibilities...the endless paint-able surfaces!

Oh the photos!