look left and then right

I made the mistake of going to the art store today to pick up a few things for the studio....and I stopped to look in their book section. I saw some amazing drawings with lines of varying thicknesses that were unfinished, but fooled your brain into seeing a finished product. I saw beautiful drawings on canvas with a smattering of unrelated color beneath. Textures with lines weaving underneath and over top....I just about came home with a two new books, one on contemporary watercolor and another on acrylic techniques, but I stopped myself and decided it was best to just go back to the studio and play. I began this piece last night and am excited to see where it's going to go with all these things running through my head.


It's from the same alley as the piece I posted about previously (local residents), but from the opposite direction (looking toward Calgary trail).

It's a pretty good looking Monday so far, I think.