lost & found

"when the ocean met the sky" pencil on paper

Hi...it IS still a daily blog. I know...it's been two days. I bet you figured it would be 3, but no! Blogging on the road can be a tricksy thing, so this is a brief recap of what I was up to starting Thursday after I posted last...

I drove to Red Deer. Picked up paintings from the Nature Center and Gallery IS, participated in a painting exchange, delivered some borrowed paintings and two commissions and then proceeded to Calgary. After getting turned around on the Crowchild Trail....(google maps failed to mention there was a fork in the road that PRECEDED the fork in the road they DID happened to mention!) I finally found my destination and delivered the "race in progress" commission...and then proceeded onto Lethbridge. Ate delicious food at the home of the future in-laws. Sleep.

Friday. Worked on drawings at 9am for the U of L, then went to help sort out bones. Yes...bones. Old bison bones. Left with a box of those to draw, and then onto Edit to pick up paintings and drop off new ones....lunch at the Penny and then back to Red Deer.

Saturday. Went for a run at 7:30am, went for coffee....another art exchange PLUS and unexpected sale....and then back to Edmonton for concerts and fun related shenanigans.

I'm sorry...there was no time for blogging. Boo. But here I am now...safe and sound and well fed, in the studio.

During my travels...I was also fortunate enough to locate a friend whom I had loaned a book to that I want back. It's a book about a dog, but the reason I'm particularly partial to THIS book is because it was given to me on my 27th birthday from one of the regulars when I worked at Starbucks in Red Deer. He knew how much I loved my dog...so he gave me a great book called "Merles' Door". If you love books about dogs that will make you cry...you should read this book. I've been told the book will be in the mail shortly....I still have the dust jacket for it, and I'm pretty excited to have it back. (this is the reason for the lost & found title...I wasn't lost. I knew where I was going...)

Which brings me to my sketch. This was inspired by a song from another group I like called "Modest Mouse". The song is "the ocean breathes salty"...and one of the lines talks about the ocean meeting the sky. I had my ipod on shuffle during my sojourn of southern Alberta...and this song came on and I wondered what the ocean meeting the sky might look like....and this is what I came up with. Pencil still is one of my favorite mediums to work in...it's so simple and portable...and for some reason I have a vast and GROWING collection of them....I get lovely pencil sets given to me at random by people who don't think they will be using them. Well.....I just want you to know that I DO use them...and I'm very thankful for them!

Ok. Everything is back to normal. Sorry for the hiatus...and thank you so much for reading! Happy mushy-excessively-red-&-pink day!