Love is a strong word...use it wisely when expressing interest in paintings

"building abstract #2" mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12" $150

I titled this blog thus because lately there has been some confusion (mostly on my end) when some people have posted that they 'love' a painting. Normally I take this to mean that they just like it a lot and chalk it up as a nice compliment. But the last couple of people who have 'loved' paintings really meant that they wanted to buy it...but they didn't say sold! I had to email them and outright ask if I should consider the pieces sold...and fortunately the answer was YES! It made me smile.

Then there are others who love my stuff, and it inspires them to get me to create pieces specifically FOR them. I totally dig that. I love going through photos of other peoples travels, hearing their stories and painting pictures for them. Seriously one of the best things about being an artist! That and inspiring the work of other artists...both prolific and just starting out. Oh and kids....I get really thrilled when kids say they like my work. They aren't trying to fool anybody...they like what they like...and laugh unabashedly at what they don't.

More building abstracts....or rather, exercises in 'intuitive painting'? Meaning I select the photo I want to paint, and then I start gluing to the canvas the first things that come to mind. To paint these I've been acting on my very FIRST impulse. If I see a pattern, paper goes on...and interesting texture...out comes the wipe out tool and carves into the wet paint. Dry brushing...inking.....all while listening to AC Newman. I think I have one more in this series for the time being...and then more jelly fish.

So many sirens blasting down the busy roads today....seems the safest and calmest place to be is here in the studio....planning an evening front yard grass picnic for dinner. Huzzah!