mama's got a new batch of freckles!

My afternoon unexpectedly went from task oriented to open in a manner of minutes. Two appointments I had were cancelled and so off came the work clothes, on went the shorty-shorts and out into the yard with dogs, blanket and book I went. Absolute bliss for 40 minutes. Vitamin 'D' is a glorious and energizing thing. I didn't finish anything in the studio today, and I'm cool with that. I played around with the 'wild card' series a bit and then finished the pencil drawing on this birch panel.

I think that might be ALL I get done in the studio tonight. The long weekend is here and the bearded dude and I and the hounds are mountain bound! Fresh air, long walks, cold beers, stellar company and majestic views.....and better still: NO TRAFFIC. NO CITY. NO LIGHT POLLUTION. Just peace and quiet. For two, wonderful days. Followed by one day of work and 3 studio days. How great is that?

Time for a date with the running shoes. Happy long weekend! Make wise choices.