may contain some nudity

It was a good weekend. Lovely weather, made some new friends, painted some things and decided not to paint over some things. I had a lovely visit with the beautiful Amber Suchy, who picked up the little painting I did for the cover of her new EP. That was cool. Album cover #2, done! There was no nudity on the cover, in case you were wondering. My long weekend ended thus:


(another GITHD piece, combining my two favorite series! almost finished and then going to be hung in the cafe where i work.)


(the nude content of this post. naked birch panels for Whyte Ave Artwalk goodies to be painted on them.)


'next 10 km'

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"


After much thinking, internal deliberation and a few verbal threats to paint over it in the process, I finished this piece and have to say I'm quite fond of it. Initially I thought it would be black and white to make the yellow signs and bit punchier. I contemplated making stencils to keep the layout and look of the signs identical....but then with the varying sizes because of distance, it seemed best to just paint them on by hand. It's not quite how I imagined it would turn out, but it's fun and makes me smile nonetheless. I guess this is technically the 2nd nude shot of this post. Those dear have no clothes on. True story.

And so it ends; this first long weekend of summer. It's off to a pretty good start.