meanwhile....back on Queen Street...

I just got back from another visit to Toronto. Just. Like, Wednesday night at 11:30pm-ish. A nice, albeit short visit. I lost my phone there. In Toronto. On Queen Street. It fell out of my pocket. Yes, I kept it in my sweater pocket (dumb, I know) because I was texting friends and taking pictures. Put the phone in my pocket so I could take pictures with my camera....and somewhere between walking and squatting down to get interesting fell out of my pocket, case and all onto the sidewalk. Yep. That actually happened. No big deal....what's a few days without a phone? A few days of undistracted city wandering and sketching...that's what.

So, here are the sketches:

These two were both done from the front window of a cafe on Queen Street called Te Aro. The same street where I lost my phone. The sketch to the left was done before I lost my phone. The sketch to the right was done the next day, when I came back to see if my phone had miraculously turned up. I hadn't. So I had coffee and tried not to get busted by the patrons while I sketched them.

This is an interior sketch of the second cafe I visited called 'Crema'. It was in the Junction area of Toronto, not far from where my aunt lives. The area reminded me very much of Whyte Ave (for those of you familiar with Edmonton and the popular street). No patrons were weirded out in the making of this full width sketch.

This sketch is of the store front tops somewhere along the street that runs through the Junction. I sketched it while sitting on the step in a doorway....while passersby made a wide arc to avoid me. My hair was a little windblown, but I had indeed showered that morning and my clothes were clean...but I'm pretty sure people thought I was homeless. Is it the sitting down and sketching RIGHT where I am? The unkempt hair....or the fact that I was the ONLY ONE in Toronto wearing sandals and no socks? I dunno...

The view from my aunts apartment overlooking High Park and the bustle that skirts it. I hadn't initially set out to make all the sketches just black and white....but I was having fun playing with my water soluble pen and figured a small series of black and white sketches would be a fun drawing exercise. I'm a little concerned at how these drawings will fare long term, especially if accidentally exposed to moisture, but I'm going to try a watercolor finishing spray on them and see what happens. Hopefully that does the trick.

And so....another adventure in roaming about bits of Canada concludes. The weather forecast calls for snow this Tuesday. For real! Winter is coming. Time to hunker down and get creative. Let's get to it!

(Farewell little Blackberry Storm. I hope your end is quick and/or creative.)