Meanwhile....on the other side of Canada....

"stage 6 @ Edmonton Folk Festival during Jimmy Rankin's session" ink & watercolor in moleskin sketchbook NFS

Once upon a time there was a young girl who liked to draw and wanted to travel around Canada, but she didn't have the money at the time and was told that she couldn't go alone. Then this girl grew up to be a woman who loved to paint and still wanted to travel around Canada and now had the time, the money, a supremely supportive partner and a very good reason. She wanted to fly to the other side of Canada to explore a place she had never been....and paint it!

So it's really happening. I bought the tickets. Holy crap! I'm going to Newfoundland this October for my first ever OFFICIAL painting holiday. Me, my camera, laptop and sketchbook and all of St. Johns at our creative disposal....I'm so giddy I may hyperventilate, mind you, I did open the cafe today so it could just be the coffee.

But first things first....

There is a show going up in September at Cafe Pichilingue in Red Deer, and then the "Living Books" for the Red Deer Public Library for Alberta Arts Days in September. (I'm designing the "Living Book" covers....all 12 of them! WOHOO!) Currently as I type this I have two works on the go. One of the book covers and another NWT piece. The float plane painting sold this weekend, and is currently hanging proudly in it's new home. The new painting I'm working on involves gnarled pines atop wonderful Canadian shield rock in all it's rust colored and slightly smoothed glory.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking in some of the folk festivities at Edmonton's Folk Fest. Stage 6 was probably my favorite place to be...between Calexico, Patrick Watson, Tanya Tagaq (an Inuit throat singer of epic proportions), Jimmy Rankin and Jakob Dylan, it was a pretty swell place to hang in the sun with thousands of people I didn't know. I thought it fitting to bring my sketchbook and capture the Sunday afternoon session. I completed the drawing on site and added the watercolor from memory in my studio later on.

Time to give blood and go for a run. (The mosquitoes are really THAT bad!)