Measuring time

It's always nice to have something to look forward to...whether it be a trip, a visit with a friend you haven't seen in ages, end of term, getting off helps us slug through and keep us inspired when we are, well, feeling less than inspired or overwhelmed. It helps make time more manageable by helping us to break it down into increments. It makes you feel rather lost when there isn't anything to look forward to or work toward. I hate that feeling...drifting with no inspiration. It happens. Everyone has off days. Mine was yesterday. It began with a frustrating day of technology being more of a pain than a helper...but ended with dinner with friends and an unplanned 11hour sleep. So much for painting. Clearly I needed the sleep. But today...I'm on fire in the studio.

"building abstract #19: unknown street in Halifax, NS" mixed media on canvas, 24" x 30" (unfinished version)

I try to plan one or two paintings ahead of what I'm working on....IF the show is themed. Sometimes I do this even if I'm not working on a show, like if I'm waiting for something to dry. I've had these two paintings planned for a few days and this evening is a bit of a catch up evening of laundry, getting groceries and vacuuming. I'm not sure if I'll get to the second painting this evening, but I've gotten so far through this one, that I won't be bothered. It's a fair size building abstract and I'm totally in love with the perspective! Plus it brings back so many memories of wandering the streets of Halifax with my camera. When I go on trips I think "gosh, you've taken so many pictures!" but then when I get's never enough. I look at the photo for this painting and wish I would have taken more pictures of buildings in Halifax. There is so much brick, and brick with iron oxidizing, and sandstone brick...I will go back though...and there SHOULD be enough photos of Halifax to paint to tide me over until then. I wish I could remember the street this is on...but I can't. I think it was not too far from the large old cemetery that is close to the harbor...but that was over a year ago now and memory is not serving me well.

No firm dates yet on the next painting trip to look forward too...but there are a myriad of shows and little side projects to keep me busy until no drifting out of 2010 for THIS Canadian artist!