Meeting Creek

Last summer on my way back from Rosebud, I took a detour to a new place. I am easily distracted by road signs, especially provincial park signs. I was coming up to the exit to get to Dry Island Buffalo Jump, and I had the time, so I decided to quickly check it out. It was a short, but memorable visit, and while I was standing there staring at the gorgeous valley with my mouth open, catching flies, I came across two people painting and got chatting with them. They mentioned another place I might like to go and paint sometime called Meeting Creek, which was just off the road in the direction I was heading. I made a mental note of it and headed home, leaving them to their sun-drenched afternoon of painting on the edge of the valley.

Yesterday three of us got up early, packed some supplies for painting and headed off to find this little town and do some exploring and art-making.

Meeting Creek is a very small hamlet located 38 kilometers south of Camrose and 1 kilometer west of Highway 56. It has a small train station and two grain elevators nearby. The train station hasn't been in use since 1997, but the train station is maintained and they run tours of it. Since we went on a Sunday, it was closed, so we didn't get to go inside.

It was a lovely afternoon of sketching, visiting and picnicking in the hazy sunshine. It was nice not the hear the bustle of the city in the background. The spaces between our conversations were filled with bird song, the sound of our brushes on paper, and the wind playing in the tall grasses and with the unlatched screen door of the abandoned house in front of the picnic table where we had set up our work station. I painted two sketches, but this is the one I liked the most:

abandoned house, meeting creek ab, oil on masonite, 9x12, $150 + tax, 2016

abandoned house, meeting creek ab, oil on masonite, 9x12, $150 + tax, 2016

We're trying to plan a few more painting day trips in a couple of other locations over the course of the summer months. A longer visit to Dry Island Buffalo Jump is on my list, as well as a visit to the Devonian Gardens. It's fun being a tourist in your own province.