Memberships and attacks of the sciatica

watercolor & pen sketch of the "Sweet Crude" exhibit at the SAAG

Last Sunday when I was down in Lethbridge I took a gander at the new exhibits they had on at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG). They had two on and the one that this watercolor sketch is from was called "Sweet Crude". This exhibit was in the larger gallery space in the back and consisted of oil tanks and oil drums that had designs cut into them to mimic doily patterns and old victorian style maps. It was such a neat exhibit...the drums and tanks were so pretty. One of the oil drums had been cut out in a lovely flower pattern, but was still standing as a drum with the top and bottom part intact. Another drum was laying on it's side and partially unrolled from it's looked like a carpet being unrolled and left. I enjoyed the show so much and the use of the space that I sat down and made this sketch. I just penned the lines and did the watercolor work at home. It spans the length of two open pages in my sketch book. I was sitting on the cement floor and the cold must have aggravated my sciatic nerve....holy hell did that hurt! But besides that....the exhibit was very inspiring and made me want to go home and paint.

I also purchased my first gallery membership at the SAAG which is apparently good for the AGA as well. I seemed to have gotten out of the habit of regularly perusing galleries except when on holidays in other places. I had my gallery haunts that I frequented when I lived in Red Deer but then never really found new galleries to visit when I settled in Edmonton. That's so silly. Such a great way to spend the afternoon and gain fresh insight into the world and new ideas for your OWN creative processes. Plus, being able to exhibit 'sketchy' behaviors in gallery settings while still behaving. That idea had never donned on me until I saw someone with their sketchbook drawing a sculpture at an exhibit I saw about a month ago at the AGA. I thought....really?! They will let you bring in your sketchbook? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?

The Hong Kong painting is half ways done. I've used self-leveling gel at the recommendation of a fellow artist friend to increase the depth of the layers....and jeepers! Is it ever looking cool. Can't wait to post it for you, though unfortunately these things always look way cooler in person. The photo will give you a general idea of it though.

Back to work. Happy Friday....I think I am cured this week from being a day ahead of myself.