Memory lane

"building abstract #20: Woodlea area, Red Deer" mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" $540

Christmas tends to be a very nostalgic time...whether it be positive or negative nostalgia. It's a chronic condition really, for all of us. We all succumb to it at some point during the holidays....certain days are more intense than others. Sometimes the nostalgia has nothing whatsoever to do with the holiday season. Sometimes the dwindling days of the current year make a person inclined to take personal inventory of more recent and past events in ones life and think about improvements for the future. And sometimes you just enjoy the mental TV of memory...which is what this painting does for me. I spent approx 26 years living in Red Deer and got to know it very well. My favorite thing about Red Deer are the walking trails that skirt both sides of the Red Deer river and the historical neighborhoods in the downtown area....the few that have been kept up and not mowed down to build lame condos. I lived in Waskasoo just before I moved from Red Deer. I had lived there once when I was a teenager. Right across 55th street from the Waskasoo area is the Woodlea area...another one of my favorite spots to walk. This picture was taken during a fall walk with Gershwin about 5 or 6 years ago. I came across a lovely series of photos I took in this area of various houses that I intended to paint...and then forgot about. A nice collection of historical homes that have been taken care of over the years and still look amazing. I hope we have such a house one day....even if we have to fix it up. I much prefer older homes to brand new ones. They have more character inside and out.

I love these types of trips down memory lane....especially when they yield such lovely paintings.