Mightly neighborly

"close neighbors (St. John's NL)" mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" $540

I like getting to know my neighbors....mostly because I don't like awkward silences if you are both shoveling or mowing the lawn. You know the ones...your eyes meet, you give a lame half smile, don't say anything and continue about your day. Lame. Very lame. We have great neighbors on either side of us and even a few houses down. If you don't get to know your neighbors, how do you expect to become a part of a community and find hidden gems in the area. Plus, it's pretty swell making new friends that are close by. It also helps if they love your dog and leave an open offer to take care of him if you need a dog sitter and are in a pinch...

We don't share a wall with our neighbors because we live in a little house, but a good portion of the houses in downtown St. John's DO share a wall with their neighbors. They don't however, necessarily share the same PAINT color. It makes for much more interesting looking communities. I love my neighborhood, but it's fairly monochromatic...on my street anyway. There must be at least 8 varieties (or ages) of white on the houses. I think at one point the stucco on our house was white....and now it's a weathered cream color. I want to paint it brick red with olive green trim and give it a brighter red door....but we are renting. Shoot. So I dream of living in a lively colored house while I paint lively colored houses from Newfoundland. I still have so many photos of houses in Newfoundland....they are so cute and so fun to paint.

I hope the people who live in theses houses that I painted are close neighbors in relationship and not just in proximity.