Mime your own business

"Living Library" book cover series: farmer mixed media on canvas 11" x 14"

I don't twitter but I update my personal facebook status....lots! I work in a cafe and between that and life in general, hilarious and frustrating things happen and inevitably these somehow get posted as statuses that I'm told my friends love to follow and quite often comment on. (The joys of having a smart phone where I can do this anytime...social media, you are such a mixed blessing!) The other day a friend had posted on FB being so frustrated with something that he wanted to punch kittens. Now...I'm a dog owner, eventually want to own a horse and perhaps breed golden retrievers one day. I'm a bird fan and can imagine being one of those cute old couples that takes part in a yearly bird count somewhere (or even in the near future...nature walks looking for birds? Heck yes!), so I am an animal lover and don't condone violence to animals AT ALL. This friend of mine is like the sweetest guy, has the cutest wife and the most adorable baby...so coming from him this was HILARIOUS and I laughed about it all day, and made a status about it. Well...it got mixed reviews so I posted a rebuttal about it along the lines of; "I don't REALLY want to punch kittens, trip clowns or make mimes cry audibly...."

It got out of hand with the comments let me tell you. (also a big thank you to all friends who contributed comments because it was an AWESOME thread) In the end we mocked mimes a lot and just about had a recipe for turtle soup posted. I have weird and creative friends....and a strange sense of humor after working 9 days in a row with no day off. I am feeling a little loopy but tomorrow is the end of the stretch and then there is some hiking time. Phew.

Between work and FB hijinx I somehow managed to finish cover #6 for the living book series. Here is the farmer and he is indeed smelling a very tasty looking onion. He kind of reminds me and the Feisty Librarian of Van Gogh...minus the reddish hair and with both ears attached. I am now at the half-way point with the living book series! Very exciting. Also...only 41 days until Newfoundland. I'm not sure how many days until Christmas. I'm sure I'll get on that count down when I get back from my trip.