monday blows

There is this wonderful fable that I saw on one of those little illustrated shorts that the National Film Board of Canada used to make. It was a story of a friendly competition between the sun and the wind. They wanted to see who could get the man's coat off. The wind blew and blew and the man held onto his coat and hunkered down and eventually the wind tired himself out. Then it was the sun's turn, and all she did was shine and make it warmer, and then the man took his coat and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his brow. Apparently Mother Nature isn't into reruns of the NFB, and so today it was blustery and very chilly and snowing sideways. It was quite ridiculous, but that is the nature of spring in Alberta. We go through this. Every. Year.

So sharing a peek of this piece is apt for today I think:


It will be colorful quilts billowing about the Girl-in-the-Hymnal-Dress. This also reminds me a lot of Newfoundland as I texted a photo to a friend out there at 9:30pm my time....which is 1am there time. Shoot. Happy Tuesday Newfoundland!

Who needs sleep and balmy spring weather?