monday blues

I just painted with a lot of blue. I am, in fact not blue in mood or color. I'm wearing my favorite black and white plaid flannel shirt today. It feels like fall! I even wore a heavy sweater to work. It's glorious! Are we done with the summer heat? Can I wear cardigans again and not regret this decision by 10am when the sun is blazing in the sky? DSCF5131

This weekend I head south to my favorite spot in the mountains! I haven't been since last November. A crime. Where has the time gone? This week is devoted to finishing the last 3 pieces so I can pack the car with paintings, dogs and a few clothing items and abandon the city for ranch country.

We visited Jasper a few weekends back while a friend was here visiting from New Brunswick. On the way home we stopped at the side of the road by the water to watch the sunset. There are lots of sand dunes in the area and lo! There was a long stretch of narrow beach by the water and directly opposite of us; mountains in gorgeous late evening splendor. That's what the piece below is about, and it's coming along nicely!


Lastly, I have borrowed the polaroid camera from the cafe and have been having a hey-day taking photos of things and trying it out. I played with it Saturday night when we were at Interstellar Rodeo. This was a trial run to see if I want one of my own. I do. Oh yes, I really do! In the meantime, I am establishing a lovely collection of tiny, grainy photos of life around the studious little flat. It's addicting! Maybe future paintings with have actual polaroids attached to them. The possibilities are endless.


I've abandoned my guitar practice for long enough I think. It's only a little after 8pm, but I'm wrapping up my time in the studio today so I can read books, practice some chords, listen to the radio and sort through my crammed bedroom drawers and begin the purging of old things I haven't had time to get to until now.

My garden is still overgrown, but it's full of beautiful red poppies just showing their heads now! I have poppies! Red ones in the front and a lone, bright orange sentinel in the back amongst a smattering of rogue daisies. My good intentions are riddled with weeds. Sigh. There is just not enough time to do all the things in one day.