Monday in the studio

The chickadees have not yet discovered the bird feeder OR the seed I left on the fence to entice them into the yard. I can hear them though...the neighborhood is full of them. Oh well. The bird feeder remains bird free.

I started and finished a one-a-day this morning, but that is not what is posted here. If you want to see it, it's called "letters to New Brunswick" and it's in the "2010 works" section. It also has writing on the side of turned out quite nice. That was the warm up. The one above is the commission. This is a very adorable little girl have a bath in the kitchen sink. I think maybe the photo was taken on my friend's iphone. Those things have crazy good resolution! I still don't want one.(I have enough gizmos between my ipod, phone, camera and laptop...but still no telly! Three years strong on that one!) So here is the preliminary drawing on the canvas...soon to be filled in with someΒ  wonderful japanese paper, ink and other fun things.

Thinking also about a show about the double meanings of words...or how some words sound the same, but are spelled differently. I don't quite have it figured out yet...but it's getting there.

The Whyte Ave Art Walk website is up, and I have some images on there to show what I'll be selling at Art Walk this year. I can update the images on there whenever, so as new works get painted, or sold, I will keep the images on there current. There are going to be SO so many wonderful artists displaying there. July have 3 days to come and check out the creative goodness of the area. Don't miss it!

Happy Monday!