mopped into a corner (er....couch, rather)

I love multitasking. I love putting in loads of laundry while waiting for layers to dry on a painting. I like sending emails while I'm on hold on the phone. I like organizing my errands so I can do a big loop from home, to place, to place, to place and back home again. And I'm at it again. I vacuumed and mopped the house, made sure the laptop and camera were strategically placed on the ottoman so that I could mop myself into my "corner" and blog while I wait for the floors to dry. Yes, I am that cool.

Life has been busy and full of exciting things. For example, I applied for my first artist residency and am now waiting to hear back if I got it. I might have an interview this Friday for a short article about my work and my travels in a college magazine. I leave for Winnipeg at the end of this month to sketch, visit, explore and take dozens of photos. And as I type this, I am firmly being sandwiched by the newest four-legged addition to my family....a 4 year old border collie cross (most likely rocket and/or jack rabbit....because holy man is he fast and a high jumper!) and the arm of my burnt orange couch. I can feel the love...and right now it's not doing wonders for my typing ability.

This is what studio life looks like these days:

(i have spent lots of time rummaging through my paints for the right colors)

(bicycles and ESB)

(finally obtain a picture of the newest addition: Luke, who is very camera shy)

(snowy strathcona piece on the go, new painting #3 for the april show)

(making notes about the newest paintings in my sketchbook)

(and of course, sending things in the mail with love. sometimes an ugly box isn't necessary. damn)

The floors have dried, so it's time to put our beds back together with clean bedding and covers and put the next layers onto the canvases.

Happy Monday.